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Monday, October 30, 2006

hahaha....today is so fun....at st.nicholas i read to kee seong....a blind guy, while doing dat jia oey, junie and emily came in and asked us to join them for break at dunnuy one kind of function....as Emliyl was not feeling that good, she decided to read to kee seong and persuaded me to go ahead and joined them although i knew that she wanted to go.... but she insisted so i went...hahaha...there was the rtm crew filming the function....the cameraman went around shooting and he came to us...i was peeling my skin until i saw him.....(then i stopped)...how embarassing hahahaha....then they took us to the field and the advisors and chairman...stood behind the red hoes with a hibiscus tied on to them....haha junie thought that they were fire crackers....haha...after they the press took their pictures of them posing with the cangkul.... the three of us went back to ask emily and kee seong whether they want anything to eat....emily looked kinda pale and after asking her to finish up what she had left....she went with them the onli thing that she did not eat with them....after they ate they brought us food....nice lorr....hehe.... then when going back time....fione bought sundae ice cream for me and jiap.... hahaha,....sweet.....haiz....tonight must go visit the doctor....by myself....i hope there is no jab waiting for me...and go violin...my staccato still can't work...it sounds terrible....hahaha...oh yes i wanna say a very "happy birthday" to my friend....hahaha you know who you are....i think that's all for now.... writing again later....when i am free....haah

signing out,

Because you love me for who I am. 10:23 PM.


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