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Saturday, July 25, 2009

True- Ryan Cabrera
I won't talk
I won't breathe
I won't move till you finally see
That you belong with me
You might think I don't look
But deep inside the corner of my mind
I'm attatched to you
mmmm..I'm weak, it's true
Cause I'm afraid to know the answer
Do you want me too?
Cause my heart keeps falling faster
[chorus]I've waited all my life to cross this line
To the only thing that's true
So I will not hide
It's time to try anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true
You don't know what you do
Everytime you walk into the room
I'm afraid to move
I'm weak, it's true
I'm just scared to know the ending
Do you see me too?
Do you even know you met me?
[Chorus]I've waited all my life to cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So I will not hide
It's time to try anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true
I know when I go
I'll be on my way to you
The way that's true
[chorus]I've waited all my life to cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So I will not hide
It's time to try anything to be with you
All my life I've waited
This is true

Because you love me for who I am. 4:40 PM.
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, this is my third week at INTEC and I daresay that I have grown accustomed to the
place here.. I made loads of new friends and my classmates are awesome. May i repeat?
They're outgoing and they'll help others a lot.
Like yesterday, my chemistry experiment went awry.
We were supposed to prepare nickel sulphate from nickel carbonate and sulphuric acid.
My partner (Kiran) and I, we heated the mixture fof nickel carbonate and sulphuric acid for
too long and then the mixture started to crystallise..
well, it is not supposed to do that until we filter and leave it to crystallise...
when it was boiling, it started crystallising ... Kiran and I were wondering why our mixture is less than half whereas other groups' mixture is still more than half.
Then one guy from the other group came over to help us..
When my lecturer passed by, she was like "you heated it for too long already. there is an hour left. You have enough time to do anoter experiment"
So I went to weigh the nickel carbonate and Kiran went to pour the sulphuric acid into the beaker.
We started mixing all over again.
When a few of the other people saw us doing that as they walked past.. they gave us some pointers on how to perform the experiment.
One by one.. some members of other groups came to help us.
Nice people right?
I am sort of having fun here la.
My housemates are wonderful people too!!!
Geraldine, Peggy (my housemates), Shafern, Vivian, J-Xi, Stephanie and I will eat dinner together most of the time.
well... Shafern joins us occasionally.. when she does not go for training.
Alright... i have loads of homework to do!!
I'll update when I am free!! =)
p/s: je t'aime

Because you love me for who I am. 12:15 AM.
Friday, July 10, 2009

Today I went to Sunway Pyramid with Geraldine and Vivian. Well, I daresay that we had fun
riding the KTM and bus... waiting at the stations..
maybe not waiting at the stations.. but when you're with friends, you don't feel the length of waiting..
like that day when I went to Mid Valley with Shafern, we talked and talked on the KTM
and we didn't even realise that time FLEW past us...
I had a few experiences riding the KTM...
Shafern would know what I mean.
okay.. back to today...
after Sunway, we went to dinner at Kolej Cemara.
i had kuey teow kungfu.. It is scrumptious.
then Vivian and I waited outside of Mydin for Geraldine and J-Xi to buy some stuff..
I bought this dvd...the Cinderella story...
i was like "i haven't watched this in years"
ahahaha.... so yeah.. i am watching it now.
toodles! =)
p/s: i love you

Because you love me for who I am. 6:24 AM.
Friday, July 03, 2009



Get our apartment units (Kolej Akasia-Girls' Hostel) and met with housemates

Taklimat HEP (Hal Ehwal Pelajar) and MMS (Minggu Mesra Siswa)

Taklimat Kolej

Registration at INTEC
Taklimat by JPA
Bersama PPP dan JPK

LDK (grouping)

LDK (Value Added-More GAMES!!!)
Talk on Kecemerlangan dan Hala Tuju

Majlis Amanat Pengarah dan Aku Janji Pelajar

Woke up late... 7.40. and I had Placement Test at 8.30

vanessa: (wakes up and looks at phone-56 misscalls and 5 messages, and looks at the time)
(screams SHAFERN ITS 7.40 ALREADY!!!!)
Shafern jumps out of bed and looks at her clock..
Shafern: No la, 6.30 only.
Vanessa: its 7.40!!!
Then the both of us rushed to get ready.. in 5 minutes time we were already downstairs running to the bus to go to INTEC.

Orientation was damn fun. I loved LDK the most. That's when they split us into groups and we'll be doing group activities for the whole day... My group members are extremely friendly and I had a wonderful time with them for the two days. This intake, we had 700+ students. We're divded into A-Levels Medicine, A-Levels German, A-Levels UK, American Degree Foundation Programme, AUSMAT... i think this is all. A-Levels Medicine had the most number of students. =) Well, there was like this Makan Malam Bersama PPP dan JPK where one team will represent the whole course to perform on stage. The sketch by the AUSMAT-ians was damn funny and nice as it portrayed our first five days there. =) Then the facilitators presented something for us as well... we were shouting "Encore! Encore! Encore!" haha!

I know that the 2 years there will be indefinitely tough on me. but I am determined to stay on. After all, this is the only path to my dream. For this weekend, I'm back in Penang. Happy to be home!!!! After 6 hours of sitting in the bus.... The bus stopped a Butterworth and asked us to switch bus!! I stared at the bus driver!!! hahaha! Classes start on wednesday and on tuesday, we have LOU (Letter of Understanding). I think it is when we will meet up with our lecturers. Okay. I have to go. Chao. =)

Because you love me for who I am. 5:08 PM.
Thursday, July 02, 2009

So this is my fifth day at INTEC, UITM. There are only 3 words to describe the
MMS (Minggu Mesra Siswa) programme..
Fun, Fun and Fun.
Although we slept late almost every night..
I slept at 1 for almost every night and wake up at 5.30 every morning.
Why so early?
because we have to catch the bus to the campus..
the hostels are in section 18 whereas INTEC is in section 17.
it is around 8-10 minutes away.
There is like Mydin, Giant, Ole-ole... around my hostel.
so food, groceries, photostating, and stuff like that will not be a problem.
I went exploring the place with my roommates today. haha
I don't know what else to say here..
will update more in the future! =)
p/s: je t'aime.

Because you love me for who I am. 6:22 AM.


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