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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hmm.... let's see.... how did the trouble start??? yeah....it started when you wanna do a small barbeque..... and i asked you whether i can have friends over.....but you said no.... then fine! .... but kong kong said if i dun get to invite friends he dun wanna do..... so you said call lor but must get your approval first........you tell me lar....how am supposed to invite my friends over when every name i mention you say no..... giving stupid excuses like "they stay too far", "i dun like them" .......they are my friends you know.....not for you to like or dislike wan ok......so i ended up with only one name that got her approval....what is ur problem??? saying that if i wanna invite more i must give rm50??? i dun mind giving..... but you see..... you stil wun want my friends around.......now the excuse is about the noise we'll make..... hello??? it is not even in our house.... and por por and kong kong don't mind.... and how much noise can 4 people make..... and it is not like they have a stomach big enough to feed on the whole table..... i don't understand you..... i couldn't get out of the freaking house for 3 weeks and when people wanna come you say no..... one friend...... it would bore her to death ok??? you don't understand because you never went to parties.....gatherings.... and all those fun stuff..... you know what i enjoy those stuff....doesn't mean you don't enjoy them i don't get to enjoy then also.....all these years......let's see.... i have never gotten a hug frm you like in 7 years d....not even an "i love you" and when i say .... you ignore....when you hug and kiss my sister in front of me.....you're treating me as if i am invisible.... you even hug daddy...... why not me??? even daddy hugs me.....i know i am not as cute and thin like my sister..... and she doesn't study..... but i get mre rotan than her..... when she doesn't even respect her elders.........well....go on pampering her for all i care........ when i deserve your love tell me..... when you do..... it might be too late....... the only people that care about me is daddy and my grandparents......well..... i don't care! i am pretty sure i will find someone that appreciates me for who i am.....

signing out,
*unrequited love*

Because you love me for who I am. 9:45 PM.


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