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Monday, November 13, 2006

forget about sunday.....forget what they said about me....about me being useless... i am gonna show them how useful i can be and not just a couch potato.... well....on sunday we watched "the convenant" i thought that it would be scary....but it turned out to be a nice movie....yeah steven strait who plays caleb danvers....is so handsome.....but not all that.....everyone should watch the movie.....it is really nice... i was scared at first before going in....but everything turned out ok... haha....but is was freezing cold there.... not for some people.... hahaha....i saw a book that interests me....honeymoon by james patterson....too bad can't get to buy... oh well....forget it... well today i helped my grandmother in the kitchen.....we cooked fried "mengkuang" or something like dat.... i sliced and chopped the vege until my bones hurt.....haha...dunnu how my grandma does it everyday....then we steamed fish for "otak-otak"...before that my grandpa taught me how to wash the fish.....ewww...after that my fingers smelled...haahaha we also cooked "pak-cham-kai" nice.....after that....my mother called me to get ready to go home.... so i packed my dinner....ate my lunch and my sister came back.....shoouting at me not to touch her high school musical storybook....i mean my mum gets her storybooks why can't she get me....well her reason is encouraging her to read..... true....haiz.... so here i am writing in my blog... and my sister called me about 2 hours ago ..... telling me not to touch her book... "AS IF I WANNA READ!!!!" i watched the show about 3 times and i already know what is coming out next....why would i wanna waste my time on a book??? i have like 4 books to read.... 2 Nicholas Sparks's bestsellers....One malay novel and Eragon....well i think that is all for today.... i will publish mmore tomorrow....

signing out,

Because you love me for who I am. 12:49 AM.


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