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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

have any of you watched the movie "the perfect man" before??? tell you what....it is sooooo nice.... well i like the plot....and her friend is so sweet .... yeah....da comic strip he drew for her was so nice....unfortunately i can't draw that nice....hehe....well...i am not sure whether i mentioned this in my previous entries.....oh well....if i did...ahaha....i just like saying it... the other day when i went to hang with my friends....i say this CUTE baby.....oh my gosh....he is so cute!!! i felt like pinching his cheeks .... so cute....!!!! IN MCD!!! well i saw another one in the arcade.... i was like attracted to her.....her eyes were so big and cute....when i waved to her...she actually smiled and waved back.... though her smile was teethless but she was so cute..... i was practically playing with her.....when it was time to go.....she waved bye bye to me and smiled again..... ARGh!!! why do babies have to be so cute!!!! yer.....how i wish i was that cute.... i think i looked like an alien....hahaha....haiz.....their chubby cheeks.....so cute!!!! haiz.....i still can't get over my 3 weeks grounding.....21 days.....dunnu how many hrs.....(24 x 21) lazy to count.....yor....my sister is sleeping now....for like 3 hrs adee.....i wonder how can she sleep in the afternoon,....if i do that i wun be able to sleep at night d ler.....well i gtg d....wanna wake her up....if not she gets grumpy....hahaha posting mre later....

signing out,

Because you love me for who I am. 12:34 AM.


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