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Thursday, November 09, 2006

i ain't telling you...hahaha i ain't telling you.... i ain't telling you....hahaha not telling you who i am smsin so fione "FAT HOPES" you will find out hahahahahaha wanna keep you guessing.....haiz....life is so so so so so so so so so so boriing.....hahaha just now ar....got one sparrow come into my house.... when i came back from school....i was like shock coz it was flying here and there..... i called my mum and started screaming on the phone....hahahaah...then da bird went to the room..... i opened the siding door as soon as it went into da changing room, which was formerly mine, then i kept checking on the bird lor....then i callled my grandparents.....and started crying on the phonne....hahahahaha stupid!!!!....then my mum asked my grandpa to drop by my house before going to the library to shoo the bird out....hahahaha when he came...the bird was gone.... after drinking sumthing he went to the library lor....hahaha....how can i be scared of a sparrow??? a SPARROW!!!!! hahaha....it dirtied my floor....yer.....hahahaha....din eat my lunch yet lar....now like almost 6 d....beta call it dinner.... haha....jumble sale.....!!!! arghH!!!! i got nothing to bring lar....need to wait for my mother to come back then i can look for the stuff....later she marah me again for taking our stuff to sell... haha...i think dat's all for now....will post mre later la....hahaha wanna do theory d....

signing out,
*me....being PATHETIC*

Because you love me for who I am. 1:34 AM.


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