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Saturday, November 25, 2006

she held her books as she walked into class, looking at the teacher's desk. she headed towards the teacher's desk and placed her essay there. everybody else stared at her like she was an alien. no doubt she looked freaky; her shoulder length hair covered half of her face, her skin colour was not that tan and not that fair....somewhere in the middle, her eyes resembles fish eyes and she was quite plum. people used to call her fish-eyes when she was in secondary school. though she felt sad...she did not say anything. her mum tried to convince her that she was beautiful but she cried at the thought of her "abnormal" features. she heaved a big sigh as she planted her bottom at the blue coloured seat and placed her books on the table. only her best friend sat next to her. the doors opened and the lecturer came in. behind him there was a boy. he never took his eyes off her. he sat down next to her and looked at her again. feeling insulted, she turned away. puzzled by her actions, he decided not to say a word. after class he caught up with her to say "hi". they ate lunch together, sms-ed each other everyday and even went out together. people started to gossip but he didn't mind. he was shy at first but he got used to the way she talked and the way she looked like. they chatted in a chatroom everynight. he even bought her a skype so that he could hear her voice. for the first time in her life, she felt so happy. she started to smile after all these years and her smile was beautiful. then mid-term exams started. her results were not bad but the guy's result was excellent. after a few months talking to each other, they started a romantic routine. every night, he would send a love song to her and she would reply with another love song. their deepest feelings for each other were like written in the song. she loved him dearly and he loved her too. but one night, something happened that changed her life forever. the guy asked her to go to his friend's party with him. she hesitated but finally agreed. she was caught in a massive traffic jam and shw was terribly late. when she got there, she saw a girl,who is sexier, smarter and slimmer than her, trying to push her sweetheart into the pool. they looked happy together. during games, she never failed to choose him as a partner. it seemed to everyone that the sexy girl was into him. decided that she had enough, the girl left the party, unnoticed. after he realized that she wasn't there, he went looking for her. she ran back to the dorm and cried tears all over her pillow. in fact she cried herself to sleep. the next day, her eyes were puffy and red. nobody stared at her anymore. they didn't care. after class, her best friend called her cell phone. her best friend told her of what happened at the party. tears rolled down her cheek again as she rushed to the girls room. she sat there for the whole day crying her heart out. wiping her tears she came out. she skipped dinner and went back to her room. the guy who made her happy for once in her lifetime is the guy who made broke her heart. she felt that she didn't want to be in this world anymore. well, she finally decided that she will continue to live on. but her soul already faded away with this sad memory. her love broke her heart and till her dying day she never dared to date anyone .... fr fear they'd break her heart like her first... trust me a broken heart can never be mended unless by the person who broke it..... there is a reason why this text is in pink......how i wish i can add a rose haha....

signing out,
*broken me*

Because you love me for who I am. 8:11 PM.


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