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Saturday, December 16, 2006

i dunno why i am so lazy and tired these days....hahaha i think i am getting older.... wow... haha luckily no wrinkles .....yet....hahaha.... yesterday i went to queensbay and went home an hour later....my mum got headache and i got stomach ache..... so all go home after dinner.... i kena stomach ache because wait for the freaking food for too long....too hungry d....then when we came home....straight away i came online.... then i went to lie down.....haha practically wrapped myself up with my comforter....hahaha.......too cold... then at night i couldn't sleep... haha lie in bed until like 1 only sleep.....haih.... worse...i woke up at 5.45 this morning... tired la.... my sister woke up in a bad mood this morning... ahhaha the moment someone goes into the room she asked that person to go away.... next week take results d....ARGHHH scared la!!!!!! my dad mentioned it at breakfast this morning....and i lost my appetite... he said that he wants to take leave on that day..... haih.... he also said that...if i get 7 A's he is gonna say "my daughter play computer everyday can manage to get straight a's" but if i don't .... he is gonna say " my daughter everyday play computer ....this kind of result is expected from her" ...... he said that if i don't get straight a's i kenot talk to him....hahaha my whole family like laughed.... except me, of course...haha haih....yer dn't wanna talk about results d.....

signing out,
*scaredy cat*

Because you love me for who I am. 4:19 PM.


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