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Monday, December 15, 2008

Problems! Problems and Problems!
1. choices
2. broken dreams
3. unhappiness
4. unemployment
5. backstabbing
6. gossips
7. losses.. (people or even belongings)
8. unrequited love
9. broken hearts
10. i can't think of anymore right now but there are more that you can think of
"once a failure.. always a failure"
" if you ain't first.. you're last" - talladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby
you told me otherwise. you told me to believe in myself. that i must have faith in myself. you were the one who said have confidence. and it is not about winning or losing. it is about giving my best. you were the one who took the trouble to calm me down everytime i'm nervous. you were there when i needed you. it is because of you i became more confident.( or at least more confident than before). it is because of you, i learnt to think of the future and the consequences that it has upon us. you made me a more rational person. you showed me good examples by being a perfect role model. it is because of people like you i have discovered that happiness does not rest in one thing... instead it must be sought. you showed me how important focus is on whatever i'm doing. you somehow made me feel alive. and the most important thing of all... you showed me that all problems have their own particular solution. you are a good buddy. buddy, i wanna thank you just for being there and you will always be my buddy.
"some friends cannot be replaced..."-eragon
"buddy, you are absolutely irreplacable"- vanessa
thanks for everything.

Because you love me for who I am. 5:49 AM.


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Thoughts to live by
▪ Because God created us to live and live we shall. ▪ Because God loves us for who we are. ▪ No one loves us the way God does. ▪ And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might-Deuteronomy 6:5 ▪ A loving heart is the truest wisdom -Charles Dickens
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