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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today at approximately 11 a.m, I picked up my house phone and dialled
Permata Sports Complex's number. Well, Viityaa wanted to play badminton, so i booked
1 court from 3.00-5.00. I had to fetch her, so i decided to leave early. I don't know
what happened... i sorta.. kinda.. got lost in Farlim. In her apartment grounds. WOW! @_@
Well, I was waiting at the guard house. but she wasn't there... so i called her. she told me that was waiting at the other end. I entered the grounds and
went round and round...
Still no Viityaa..
Finally, I decided to go back to the guard house that I was waiting at... to stop and call her..
whaddya know? she was happily standing there in a red top and blue shorts!!
I was like "VIITYAAAAAA!!!!!!"
*smacks forehead*
She lenggang-ed her way to my car... correction.. my GRANDPA's car..
and i sped to Permata coz we were late..
well, when we reached.. there were a lot of people playing badminton!! my gosh
"wah today arh you sia sui lo if you don't play properly", said a voice in my head.
At first, we played on our own. Then one of the coaches asked me whether I could play with the little girl..who happens to be HALF my size but TWICE the player..!
The badminton game ended at 5.
When i reached home, Fione sms-ed me and asked me to change the booking for the
tennis court from 5.00-6.00 to 6.00-7.00. She arrived at my grandparents' place soon after.
We started playing and I SUCKED BIG TIME!! I ter-hit one ball into the
GIGANTIC longkang beside the court. Haha. Before that, Fione hit one of the balls out to the grassy area..
For 8-10 minutes we continued playing as we had one more ball.. one more miserable ball!
When i went out to look for the other ball, i found that it wasn't there anymore!
It was surprising as Fione and I watched the ball land on the grass!!!!
And it was kinda impossible for someone to pick it up because we were there and we would have seen him/her..
Fione started saying "Yer, why so spooky one?"
All I did was shrug.
We went round and round looking for the ball but it was not there.
As at 6.59.p.m on 19.05.2009, Fione officially lost all her tennis balls.
Two balls succumbed to the currents in the HUGE longkang...
as for the other one..
it mysteriously vanished into thin air
p/s: at least we didn't step on cow dung like we did two weeks ago =)

Because you love me for who I am. 6:00 AM.


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