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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My birthday was like a week ago. well, Fione wanted me to post the picture of the present
that she gave me,here..
Well, we went to have lunch at Nando's.
After that I went to Parkson to look for the diary/notebook that i liked.
but it wasn't there anymore...
*sighs but brushes off the feeling when i saw the Green Pan advertisment
I got fascinated by the Green Pan ever since they advertised in on AFC (asian food channel)
I didn't know that Parkson had it.
Well, out of fascination I took one and flipped the pan to look at the price.
Lets just say that I put the pan back on the shelve and walked off with a stunned look on my face.
haha.. then i got fascinated by forks and spoons...
I didn't even realise that i lost Fione and Viityaa.
They found me lingering around the crockery section.
*fast forward*

If you wanna know more about what happened in between... refer to the post made
on the 21st of May..

Anyway, we were choosing donuts in Big Apple and then ...
Fione: Hey you got pad arh? I think my period came.
Vanessa: No wor.. Are you sure?
Fione: I think so. Coz i have stomach ache. I think my car got pad.. come give me my keys!
Vanessa: *rummages through bag for keys*
Fione: *grabs keys and runs*
*continued choosing donuts*
When i was eating donuts with Viityaa... Fione came up behind me and handed me a box!
with a ribbon on top saying 'happy birthday
Vanessa: FIONE ARH!!! You didn't have to get me anything
Vanessa: *opens the box and eyes sparkle like a little girl
Fione arh.. awwwww!!! THANK YOU!!

she didn't only get me the small diary/notebook.. she got me the bigger version as well..
there was a card and Penelope (a pony on crocs... Fione and I named it)
she is seriously one of the best friends that i'll ever have.
No.. i didn't forget... Erwyn gave me something very personal on sunday..
the sunday before my birthday... I'll treasure it for life. =)

Those were the best birthday presents that I'll ever have!
these presents and with those wishes from my friends...
made my birthday a memorable one! thank you!

here is the picture:

see penelope at the side?? ahha

the birthday card. =)

Because you love me for who I am. 7:07 PM.


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