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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life is unpredictable.
You never know what you will get.
Sometimes, life doesn't go your way.
well, these are the vicissitudes of life.
This doesn't mean that you have to give up..
The right attitude is to NEVER GIVE UP... EVER!!
And we must learn to NEVER RUN AWAY FROM PROBLEMS!
Running away from problems is like sweeping dust under a rug.
Soon, they will accumulate and what do you have?
-a mountain of dust under your rug waiting to be cleaned up-
(a whole load of problems there, waiting to be solved)
Don't let problems or downs get to you.
Everyone has their ups and their downs.
Everyone has their fair share of good days and bad days.
There is no such thing as 'I only experience perfect days!'
that is pure crap.
The most important thing is we must learn how to turn our downs into ups.
It is not easy. but you have to try.
Think about it, is it worth it to let your whole day be ruined because of one 'down' that happened in the morning?
No it is not worth it.
easier said than done. yeah. tell me about it.
but still.. you have to TRY.
because being depressed for the whole day isn't going to work for you.
Also, accept your mistakes and take them as lessons.
So what if you made a mistake?
We are still human.
We are not flawless. Mistakes are inevitable.
Take failure as motivation.
It will give you the push you need.
Don't dwell on the past.
What is gone, is gone.
What is done, is done.
No matter how much you want to revive the past.. you can't.
No matter how much we yearn to go back in time to undo the past... we can't.
yes. i know that it is hard to learn through our mistakes.
but we have to.
there is no easy way. we learn most of the things through the HARD way.
that way, we can learn them better.
remember the time when we were just kids and we were learning to ride our bicycles?
we had to FALL to learn how to ride.
sometimes, these minor drawbacks are there to help us to become better.
always look at the bright side of things.
throw away the negatives and embrace the positives.
Make the best out of what you have left.
if you have nothing left...
make the best out of nothing.
So, don't give up whenever you face these kind of problems!
just wear a smile and move on.
try to be positive.
it may seem hard at first but keep trying.
remember, problems are not here to stay.

Because you love me for who I am. 6:42 AM.


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