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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Friday, I went to Gurney with Viityaa (she doesn't like me to publicise her nickname here *winks*). While I was waiting for her to come, I went to Watson's to do my shopping. You know, she was like LOST when she arrived at Gurney. I was in F.O.S when she called me.

Vanessa: Hello, where are you?

Viityaa: Erm... Ground Floor. I just came in. You?

Vanessa: Meet me at F.O.S

Viityaa: I don't really know where is F.O.S

Vanessa: *smacks forehead* okay. you go up the escalator and I'll meet you there.

(takes the escalator down to the second floor)

Then, we went to Popular. We bought so many things there, that we couldn't carry them. So I had to grab a basket from the counter. *dump dump dump* There everything goes into the basket. Then we went to Reject Shop to look for my long sleeve shirt with collar... Well I found one. RM 8.95 ( I know that I am cheapskate..hehe but it is money saving) We met Gwen, Ben and their friend as they were about to go down the escalator. Well, Gwen didn't go down yet... the guys had to run up the escalator. haha! XD

Guess what Viityaa and I had for lunch.. haha. We went to 3 places. First, we went to Leomag to have waffles, the apple turnover. Yummy. Then, we went to Wembrey Park to meet Cheryl, Amanda, Siew Wern and some friends. After that, we went to Kim Gary to eat chicken wings.. well, baked chicken wings with cheese... oh the goodness of cheese!! *drools* ...Then we went to secret recipe to have a slice of carrot cake. It was gooooood!!! Well... I don't mind eating so much, since its my last week in Penang!!! Ahhhhhh! I had fun la.

Because you love me for who I am. 5:58 PM.


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