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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Woke up at 8 today!!! but then i slept at 1.30 last night.
was tossing and turning in my bed.
Don't ask me why.
Well, i nuah-ed on the bed for like another 20 minutes before actually getting up
My mother gave me the you-look-terrible look because my hair was all over the place.
Mum: Why today wake up so late? (because my usual waking up time is 5.50.a.m)
Vanessa: I don't know wor. I couldn't sleep last night. Slept at 1.30 this morning.
Mum: *fumes and then continues watching tv*
Well, today, I went to Gurney with Junie when I bumped into Amanda..
She was waiting for Gwen at Nando's (on the second floor)
Gwen happened to be waiting for Amanda at Nando's too.
The only difference is that Gwen was at the first floor.
Gwen...gwen... gwen.. tsk tsk
Then they joined us for lunch.
Guess what I had for lunch?
the portion was HUGE!!!
Anyway.. after lunch... we HIT the arcade!!!
There were so many people in the arcade
It's like Tokyo in there!
I made Gwen play air hockey with me
It was a draw.
Then we raided Toys R' Us.
To be exact, we RAIDED the soft toy department.
and then went over to the baby department.
Gwen said that we were like some expecting mothers..
Friends like these are forever! =)
p/s: I love you!

Because you love me for who I am. 5:38 AM.


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