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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, this is my third week at INTEC and I daresay that I have grown accustomed to the
place here.. I made loads of new friends and my classmates are awesome. May i repeat?
They're outgoing and they'll help others a lot.
Like yesterday, my chemistry experiment went awry.
We were supposed to prepare nickel sulphate from nickel carbonate and sulphuric acid.
My partner (Kiran) and I, we heated the mixture fof nickel carbonate and sulphuric acid for
too long and then the mixture started to crystallise..
well, it is not supposed to do that until we filter and leave it to crystallise...
when it was boiling, it started crystallising ... Kiran and I were wondering why our mixture is less than half whereas other groups' mixture is still more than half.
Then one guy from the other group came over to help us..
When my lecturer passed by, she was like "you heated it for too long already. there is an hour left. You have enough time to do anoter experiment"
So I went to weigh the nickel carbonate and Kiran went to pour the sulphuric acid into the beaker.
We started mixing all over again.
When a few of the other people saw us doing that as they walked past.. they gave us some pointers on how to perform the experiment.
One by one.. some members of other groups came to help us.
Nice people right?
I am sort of having fun here la.
My housemates are wonderful people too!!!
Geraldine, Peggy (my housemates), Shafern, Vivian, J-Xi, Stephanie and I will eat dinner together most of the time.
well... Shafern joins us occasionally.. when she does not go for training.
Alright... i have loads of homework to do!!
I'll update when I am free!! =)
p/s: je t'aime

Because you love me for who I am. 12:15 AM.


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