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Thursday, December 31, 2009

it is the New Year!! 2010!! time flies!! we shall not celebrate it as the end of 2009 but the beginning of something new.. a new year! and i am still up.. hahaha what on earth am i doing up?? hahaha never mind that.. let's move on.. 2009 has been a roller coaster ride... with the ups and downs and the emotions... but thank God that it is yesterday, and that today is the beginning of a wonderful year.. apparently, Fione is still up!! hahah! =) my sister is sitting in front of me... watching ben 10 .. so EARLY in the morning.. and she's texting someone.. *wonders* hahahaha my goodnesss... hahaha! anyway, HAPPY 2010 to ALL my friends out there... wherever you guys are.. be it Phuket or KL or Penang itself.... may 2010 be a blast for you!!! God Bless all of You! =)
i am sure that the year 2010 will be an adventure for all of us...

anyway i wanted to upload some pictures that i took on that day at the beach, Teluk Kumbar, to be exact.. had seafood with the whole family... not exactly whole.. but you get the idea... hahahaha just a beautiful evening with my maternal grandparents' and my family... the seafood there is good.... yummy!!! because it is fresh and i like the way they cook it... nice nice... especially the way they cook the mantis prawn.. YUMMY!!! hahahahaa ... since the pictures are taking forever to upload... they'll be in the next post!!! hahaha! *Smiles*

goodnight/ good morning!! =)


Because you love me for who I am. 9:04 AM.


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