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Saturday, December 19, 2009

*me before the outing*
*jinq mey eating her tom yam noodles*

*my lunch*

*jeslyn's king-sized sausages*

*fione's barbeque chicken*
*fione pointing the knife at me for wanting to take her picture*
*me in front of toys r' us*
*the twins- amanda and alethea*
*gwen with her money*
*cass and fione*
*gwen eating her dinner*
*shepherd's pie... my dinner... yummy!!!*
*mey and I* hehehe

*kimmie and I*
*gwen and amanda watching the "chubby midnight bunny" *
*wonders who is Mey texting*
*cass and fione*
*kimmie and I- full body shot* =P hahaha
*mey and I- another full body shot*

it was the day of days and the night of nights. for once, we managed to gather most of us for this outing... haha! unfortunately, Jiaps couldn't make it as she is in kl. Let's see, I arrived at 11 because my mum had an appointment... somewhere near Gurney... there was a massive jam near Esplanade and she was late already... sorry mum... you had to drop me off first.. but then she managed to reach... safely... but 20 minutes late. Well, better late than never. =)
I was walking around mph, looking at designs... getting ideas... and Jeslyn called. At 12 she came and we started talking and went off looking for presents! haha... bought nothing.. haha! =P
we walked around Gurney while waiting for the rest to arrive, impatiently because we were hungry. =P haha.
after much discussion and consideration, we went into Manila Place.. my first time =) okay. so lunch was nice and we walked out of there feeling full... after that, we went to the arcade... as we were so lazy to use the escalators, we used the lift. I haven't been to the arcade in ages! hahaha. So, we raced, played drums, danced and danced some more.... not forgetting air hockey.. hhaa! won Mey 7-3... until fione interfered.... hahaha she made the score even and asked mey to let her win. hahah! cass joined us at the arcade... and jeslyn had to leave after a while..
then all of us went to mph to buy some stuff... to make presents! =) hahah! Kim and Mey went to winter warmers... Cass and Amanda left me and fione at mph.. haha they went to popular... i followed fione to collect her camera and we went to popular.. bought some more stuff there...
when all of us met up again, we decided to go to Northam Beach to have dinner.. hahaha my feet were killing me at that moment..
three cars drove to Northam Beach. =) and there we were sitting...eating and talking... and after dinner, taking pictures of us! =) and we watched the "Chubby-midnight-bunny" video. haha on fione's phone..
i forgot how we came to the decision to hang out at fione's place before going back.. hahah! we were there until 10.45 ... hahahah! her parents went out to buy apoms/apungs for us.. hahah! and rojak! Yummy.. Thank you, Aunty and Uncle. =) hehe.
btw, mey had two accidents that night... her "P" fell off and her bumper kinda went in a lil...
hope everything is alright with you!! =) *smiles*
i was prepared for grilling before i went home.. my last words were *secret* ahahha! =) actually, my last words were "bye and drive safely yeah" to mey before i met my daddy. =0
but not much grilling... hahaha they were tired and sleepy. =) thank goodness...
What a day!

Because you love me for who I am. 9:36 PM.


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