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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thoughts were rushing through my head as I walked out of the cinema with Fione. If I am not wrong, her exact words were "Are we really supposed to go out this way? Why go out the same way we came in?" My head started spinning, my whole body aching. New moon was a nice movie, in fact, a fantastic one. The only thing that was keeping me from totally enjoying the movie was the uncomfortable seats in the cinema. The cinema was a huge one.. But then, the seats were awfully uncomfortable. I was fidgetting throughout the whole movie, turning right and left, sitting up straight and of course, sliding down. However, I could not afford to slide down too much as there was very very little space for our legs. Well, before the movie, Fione and I went to the beach.. Sorry, no photos yet.. They are all in her phone. Hehe. Tough luck, one side of my flats got washed away.. haha.. It is somewhere in the middle of the sea now. I stood on the beach for 10 minutes at least, hoping that the tide will wash my slipper back. Sadly, its gone. Now all I have is one side of my white flats. Bought them at Pulau Tikus market sometime this year. *sobs* We went for pizza after our "walk" at the beach. Couldn't finish the pizza. Then it was New Moon time. Those who walked past us kept staring at our shirts because we were wearing "I Love Jacob" t-shirts. A stranger came up to us and said :

Stranger: Well, Jacob must bea very lucky guy to have two lovely ladies loving him
Fione and Vanessa: *laughs*

Awkward but funny.

After the movie was horrible. My tummy was aching very very badly. Fione suggested to go to Coffee Island so that I can have a hot drink. As if my day couldn't get any worse, there was a torrential downpour. So, cold and in pain I was sitting at Coffee Island sipping my caramel chocolate drink. I thank Fione for being so nice by driving her car and parking right in front of Coffee Island so that I didn't have to walk so far. On the way back, there was a terrible jam. Cars were honking and there I was, in pain. Luckily, I brought my batik skirt. I was having chills... Yes, even when Fione turned her cold air cond to hot air cond. It was terrible..I had to ask my grandpa to pick me uo from Fione's place as I could not really walk.. Those aches were terrible.. So I went to the clinic after I met up with my mummy at Yamaha.. I waited for the doctor to arrive alone as my mummy had to drop my sister off to tuition... There I was shivering and moaning and groaning...When it was finally my turn... I was relieved..

Doctor: Yes, what can I do for you today young lady?
Me: I am half-dead.
Doctor: Are you sure? Because if you are half dead, then I have to call the ambulance..Now tell me what is wrong...
Me: Everywhere hurts; my head, my stomach, my joints.... practically my whole entire body.
And I lost my appetite.
Doctor: You do have a temperature..Quite high... And your ears are extremely red..Any sign of
rash anywhere?
Me: Not that I know of.
Doctor: *checks stomach* Hmmm... Your intestines are hyperactive.. and you have gastritis..
This might be a suspected case of Denggue or Chikungunya with the aches and all. The
symptoms don't manifest early. Even with blood tests, the results will be negative for
now. If your fever persists, you have to get to the hospital to be under observation.
I'll give you something for your stomach... *smiles* Get well soon.
Me: Thank you *smiles back and walks out slowly*

That night was horrible... I barely slept... With the aches and fever.. Whatever disease that is, I will never want to get it...Never ever ever again...

Feeling much better today.. Let's hope I get better *smiles* ...

Because you love me for who I am. 5:56 AM.


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