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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am so looking forward to monday! I bought new heels from Ole-ole (a place near my hostel).. adorned with black straps it stands tall and proud on my shoe rack... it was only RM29.90... hehe.. what a price for heels.. and those are some nice heels... =) love it. At least i don't have to wear my "ballet" shoes anymore.. as those really hurt my toes.. let's hope the heels won't hurt my feet.. I'll be wearing it on mondays and maybe fridays as i have to wear baju kurungs on both days.. =) it is a shame i forgot to take a picture of it... haha!

The past week:

Monday: Migraine migraine migraine!!!! but after german i had dinner wih Lay to celebrate her birthday.... surprised her with two slices of cake.. for her and Q-En. =)

Tuesday: Migraine migraine migraine and more migraine... again!!! Felt better after taking panadol... and realised that i was out of panadol.. haha

Wednesday: Frau Maria showed us a video of Christmas time in German... it was sehr schoon!!! (very beautiful in German)

Thursday: Speaking test started... with the first 12 people.. i am no. 14!....

Friday: Speaking test.. for part 3, my question was quite tough. well, i did my best. it is up to the lecturer to grade me..

Saturday: Migraine... again! this time no panadol.. went to bed for 15 minutes... studied a bit of bio and now i am on the laptop again..and i think that it is going to rain soon... nooooo!!! Don't rain!!! okay it is raining... hahahah!

I found this picture on the net... beautiful ain't it?

Because you love me for who I am. 3:04 AM.


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