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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Shrimp Linguine

The Pizza- Appetiser

The Quartro PlatterShogun! -Buffet

Shogun- Dessert


shogun... Shogun! First round!

What a week!!! But then again, it was fun.. Chatting with Vivien (my roommate) and then waking up late in the morning!! super late!!! I snoozed my alarm around 3 times a morning before i can actually get up...!!!! Goodness! anyway, Saturday was I-Code. It was like a carnival. They had reptlile shows, demonstration by the Bomba and Silat.. Public speaking and Ghost House... haha! Well i would say that the Ghost House was the highlight of the day. Scary, of course, but entertaining to hear everybody screaming! Haha! =P Kudos to those who put so much effort to come up with the settings and the effects. =) nice one.

So, after everything... I rushed to the KTM to go back to my aunt's house! She made resevations at Shogun as it was her B'day!! yesterday... ahahha! The food was good!!!! hheheh!!! and today, Lunch was at Italiannies.. another fantastic meal!! =) so, i went to Nichii and i saw a few tops.. tried on... didn't like them very much but i liked the shorts... then came the final piece... the one with the butterfly sleeves.. loved it so much! it is 59.90.!!! reasonable and nice... well.. i didn't get the shorts but i will definitely go back for it!! =P

They say that a picture worth a thousand words.. so.. enjoy!!!

Because you love me for who I am. 2:20 AM.


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